Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Residential has gone the extra mile to ensure all their customers’ needs and questions are effectively addressed. We have curated a comprehensive list of FAQs, so homeowners can easily access information regarding the intricacies of their investment. Premium Residential prides itself on providing timely assistance, so their clients can stay up-to-date with their portfolios and receive answers to any related questions efficiently.

Our primary objective is to instil confidence in our approach by managing a select number of properties, which is paramount in providing each and every landlord with confidence, security and peace of mind. At Premium Residential, we are here to provide the level of service you have been looking for.

Property Management Faq's

What makes you different from the rest?

Communication and customer service; this sets us apart from the rest. You will have a dedicated team that looks after the health of your investment portfolio as well as your tenants. Communication is key and a lack of is often the biggest negative that a landlord will experience. It is important to be available to our clients at all times whether its an emergency or general enquiry.

Will there be a dedicated Team looking after my property?

Agencies notoriously experience high turnover rates in their property management departments. Most landlords don’t know who is managing their property from one day to the next. It is critical to have a consistent team to ensure continuity of service and a ‘stable’ business partnership.

How available will my Property Manager be?

The most common complaint is that property managers are never available when issues arise or rarely answer their phone. It is critical that you have full access to your property manager with all enquiries handled promptly and professionally; including responding outside business hours if required.

Is your team committed to property management as a career path?

Stability is the key word to consider in choosing your property manager. You want to pick up the phone and talk to your property manager today, and, 12 months down the track. Someone you know and who knows your property inside and out.

How should I decide on which agency should manage my property?

Do you research! Read through Google reviews and browse the agent’s social media accounts. This will provide you with an honest insight into the style of management you are going to receive.

Will my property manager attend tenant inspections?

Or do they just hand out the keys? Security of your property is fundamental. Your property manager should attend all inspections with prospective tenants. If your property manager just hands out the keys, this is indicative of how they will manage your property with little if any care or attention.

Will my Property Manager maximise my returns?

Rates should be assessed on a regular basis to ensure returns are maximised and revised if and when required. There is no benefit in having your investment empty for weeks on end because the price is not competitive.

Do you provide a collaborative business partnership?

Make sure you feel comfortable with your property manager and have confidence they will represent your best interests in a professional and ethical manner.

Why shouldn’t I choose an agency that offers highly discounted management fee’s?

Discounting fees to win business is often a clear indicator that the agent will lack in other ways to provide any value to their clients. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for!”

Who holds the chain of responsibility?

Who conducts the open homes, the routine and entry /exit inspections? Many agents do not conduct robust entry/exit/routine inspections leaving owners in a precarious situation should their property be damaged. It is vital that you are given full and comprehensive reports after each and every inspection. Many agencies outsource their inspections and have never even seen your property.

Are professional photos necessary?

Promoting your investment property correctly can mean the difference between a quick re-let or an extended vacancy period. Effective marketing gives the right first impression, and the images you can provide can be the difference between an inspection or a rejection. Professional real estate photography has been proven to be the best way to excite the renter and create a desire to visit the property.

Is it necessary to have landlord insurance?

Yes it is, landlord insurance covers you against unpredictable events like vandalism, fire or flood. It can also insure you for rent arrears or if a tenant injures themselves on your property and you are found to be at fault.

Why should I engage a professional cleaner?

It is important to have your investment property presented in excellent condition for your tenants at the start of a tenancy, this ensures the property will be returned in the same condition (less fair wear & tear) upon exit.

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