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As the leading Property Manager Ascot experts, we stand out from the crowd, providing services that are far from ordinary. We cater specifically to property owners and investors looking to grow their portfolios or considering a change in their property management. Our approach is distinct; we carefully curate a select number of client portfolios to provide a uniquely personal and hands-on service. We are not just property managers; we are relationship builders. We believe in forging long-term relationships grounded on trust and a relentless commitment to maintaining high property management standards. Suppose you’re a property owner or investor seeking a refreshing switch in property management. In that case, our Property Manager Ascot team is here for you.

What sets us apart from mainstream Ascot Real Estate agencies? We distinguish ourselves from other mainstream real estate agents. Our size is our strength; we’re large enough to fulfil our promises effectively yet small enough to provide each client with the individual attention they deserve, offering a unique experience that stands out from the rest. Our team’s unparalleled performance boasts a consistent record of exceeding expectations. This dedication is evident in the glowing client reviews we receive at every stage of our service. We are steadfast in our commitment to make Premium Residential Brisbane your first choice for specialized property management services. Trust us, as your chosen Property Manager, we’ll provide a service that meets and surpasses your expectations. 

Exceptional Property Management is key for Success

At Premium Residential Ascot, we pride ourselves on being exceptional in property management. Our approach to property management services is finely tuned to protect and grow your investment property portfolio.

We understand the importance of relationship building, which is why we foster strong relationships with both property owners and tenants through transparent, responsive communication. Our attentive service ensures tenant satisfaction, reducing turnover and vacancies. Keeping property owners updated is a priority for us. We regularly communicate with owners about their property’s status, finances, and any necessary improvements. This open line of communication ensures that owners are always in the loop and can make informed decisions about their properties. Maintenance and care are crucial to preserving the value of your property. Our proactive approach attracts and retains tenants and safeguards the property’s worth. Legal compliance is another critical aspect of our property management services. By staying updated with all relevant laws, we ensure that your properties remain compliant and risk-free.

Financial management is handled with diligence to manage expenses and ensure prompt income for property owners efficiently. Lastly, our robust marketing strategies allow us to quickly fill vacancies with quality tenants, ensuring your investment property continues to yield returns. In essence, our ability to balance the needs of owners and tenants, maintain properties, ensure compliance, and manage finances sets us apart in property management.

No Hidden Fees

Our philosophy at Premium Residential has always been to provide excellent value, and this extends to our commitment to no hidden fees policy. We treat every customer as if they were part of the family, investing in time and care to build long-lasting relationships built on trust. When you choose us, you can do so with peace of mind that there are no hidden surprises in store.

Giving our clients a worry free experience is just another way we strive to demonstrate how much we value your loyalty.

Property Manager Ascot - Flash Fast Leasing

At Premium Residential, we’ve revolutionised property leasing with our FLASH Fast leasing process. Recognising the financial implications of vacant properties for investors, we’ve developed a system that minimises these vacancies and boosts investment profitability. FLASH Fast Leasing is more than a catchy phrase—it’s an investment in your financial success. This process significantly diminishes the time your property spends off the market, increasing your annual rental income and ensuring a steady cash flow. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about quality. We’re committed to finding not just any tenants but the right ones—those who respect and care for their homes.

In essence, FLASH Fast Leasing at Premium Residential is your gateway to maximised returns and peace of mind, knowing your investment is being managed with dedication and strategic insight.

Leased In 5 Days
3/93 Dobson Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 7 Days
3/26 Buxton Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 5 Days
6/26 Buxton Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 6 Days
2/95 Dobson Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 6 Days
3/83 Stevenson Street, Ascot QLD 4007

8 Norman Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 7 Days
13/9 Silva Street, Ascot QLD 4007
Leased In 2 Days
4/14 Butler, ASCOT QLD 4007

Property Management Ascot and Surrounding Suburbs

While Ascot is the cornerstone of our operations, Premium Residential Brisbane’s influence extends far beyond, spanning across Brisbane and its northern suburbs. Our team of property rental managers, armed with a unique blend of knowledge and expertise, ensures your investment property is managed with utmost efficiency and care. We invite you to browse through the Suburb links. Each link provides detailed insights into the area, including purchase and investment information, offering a comprehensive understanding of available opportunities.

Invest, Relax and Repeat Suburb after Suburb

Top 10 Reasons to Switch Property Managers

Dozens of 5 star Reviews

Read our amazing reviews.

Full-service Property Management

Ask us about our rental inclusions.

Properties Leased on Average

On average, properties are leased in 7 days.

Brisbane Property Manager Experts

Benefit from experts specialising in the inner Brisbane suburbs.

15% higher than average rent

Smart pricing with proven, effective marketing.

Low Vacancy

Ask us about our lower than average vacancy timeframes.

No surprises on your statements.

Quality tenants who pay on time and look after your property.

Easy to use online portal

A complete view of your property in the one place.

Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Quality work, fast response.

Our Guarantee

We provide a premium service through open communication with all parties.

What Our Customer say about us

We are focused and committed to you, your tenants and your investment property. Our primary objective is to instill confidence in our approach by managing a select number of properties, which is paramount in providing each and every landlord with confidence, security and peace of mind.

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