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Premium residential tenants now have access to a secure and user-friendly way of paying rent – MePay. Tenants can make rental payments seamlessly with safety, privacy and convenience in mind. Moreover, a tenant’s task is made even simpler through the maintenance tracking feature in PropertyMe. It enables tenants to keep track of all their related maintenance records and inspections within the application, making planning for future needs easier.


As an investor, you need the convenience and control to stay organised while managing your property investments. With Premium Residential, you will have 24/7 access to cloud-based software that offers organiational efficiency and customizable options that make it easy to maximize your profit margins and portfolio growth. With clear visibility of activity updates from all users in one streamlined view, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone on the same page. 


At Premium Residential, we understand the importance of keeping our clients updated and informed throughout the process. We make sure to contact you frequently with progress updates, ensuring that we keep all stakeholders in the loop. To ensure smooth communication with our clients, we strive to provide as many channels of communication as possible including phone calls, emails and on-site meetings. 

Our team also works in collaboration with experts in their fields to be able to offer comprehensive advice during negotiations and important decisions. 

By making this a priority within our service, we provide our clients with the best possible experience when dealing with us. We have provided some key points that may assist you in the sales process and ask that you take a moment to review.

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