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Where to start when preparing your home for sale

Premium Residential is here to assist with your property sales. Whether you’re completely transforming your home or making a few small changes, it’s essential to focus on the three key areas when preparing your home for sale. From staging and updating all aspects of interiors to ensuring exteriors are well maintained, taking the time to do a few simple tasks can make all the difference in achieving a premium price. Investing in quality workmanship will vastly increase the appeal of your property and enable buyers to pay more than they would otherwise. Premium Residential understands that market conditions vary significantly around the country, so let Marion Sheerman provide tailored solutions to help you get top dollar for your residence!

Do some simple Repairs

Investing a bit of elbow grease into simple repairs can ensure property buyers are more interested in your property. From chipped tiles and cracked windows to scuffed paintwork, stained carpets and other signs of damage - these minor issues can alert property buyers that there is work needed on the property, which could negatively impact the property's price. Talking with your Premium Residential Sales Agent can guide you in deciding what repairs you should invest in before allowing viewings so that you're making improvements that will increase appeal without having to over-capitalize.

Declutter and Clean

Cleaning and decluttering are essential when preparing a house for the market. It can help the prospective buyer get a great impression of the house upon viewing. By conducting a deep clean, you can make it look sparkling clean and well-maintained. By decluttering, the viewer can quickly appreciate each room's size and scale. As many professional home stagers tell you, marketing photos are also crucial. Creating modern and pristine-looking spaces will surely get prospects interested in your property!

Style your home

Home styling is for you if you want to give your property an instant facelift! Styling your home can bring out your property's full potential, making it more appealing and attractive to buyers. Consider hiring a professional stylist, so you don't have to stress. If you prefer to be in control, then hire furniture and accessories and do it yourself. Remember to ask your Premium Residential Agent for some contacts - they will gladly help.

start with the basics when preparing your home for sale

If you’re handy and have good DIY skills, you can undertake many small projects around the house yourself, bringing it to peak condition and ready for sale. If not, you can hire a local handyperson to help you.

Walk through the house with a notepad and create a list of the areas that need improvement.

Among the areas you should examine are the following:

These are some areas to consider revamping to create a positive impression of a well-looked-after house. Talk to your agent about any areas needing improvement, but make sure you don't over capitalise.

Five updates that add the most value when selling

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to renovating a property to boost resale value. While some changes are bound to add a tidy profit margin, others can prove costly and not pay off. As such, it pays to consult with Premium Residential Marion Sheerman, who understands the area you’re looking to sell in and can provide expert advice on the best projects to consider. Marion will be aware of the latest trends, what type of homes buyers are after, and which renovations have given sellers the highest return over time. By deciding which projects you undertake, you stand the best chance of increasing your chances of having an attractive home ready for sale and fetching more than you put into it!

Exterior – The exterior of your home is the first impression potential buyers have. You can take it to the next level with fresh, on-trend colours and cladding materials that will turn heads. Give your trim, gutters, fascias and bargeboards a modern paint job to take things up a notch. Make sure your front-door is freshly painted with good door furniture which will make it welcoming to the eye. Spruce up the landscaping with yard work—mow those lawns, get rid of those weeds, tidy up the flower beds, and drill. Freshen any awnings, porticos and porch details by replacing or repairing them. Have numbers and a letter box installed to drive home how important curb appeal is! Add definition around your front boundary by installing a fence if you don’t already have one – make the property a secure welcoming home.

Kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of the home and can make or break a sale. Buyers want to walk into a kitchen that looks up-to-date, modern and spotlessly clean! However, replacing an entire kitchen can be expensive, and you risk overcapitalising. Sprucing it up in clever ways is the more innovative way to go. Think about painting timber and laminate cabinetry, switching out the tapware for something contemporary, or adding on-trend lighting – these are all cost-effective ways to freshen up the space without spending too much. Also, ensure all your appliances are clean and in good working order. If you put in effort but keep costs down, this could be the difference for a great sale price.

Bathroom – Upgrading bathroom fixtures and fittings is probably one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to revive a tired-looking bathroom. Buyers love modern details, so replacing old taps and showerheads with quality and stylish new ones is an excellent place to start. Tile paint is another great way to transform dated tiles without breaking the bank – and you can save a bundle of money compared to ripping and replacing them! But it’s essential not to overcapitalize; strike the perfect balance between modern and sleek while avoiding excessive expenditure.

Repainting – Choosing a fresh coat of paint is necessary if you’re looking to give your home a modern makeover. The best colours are classic and contemporary neutrals – soft whites, ivory, beige and grey! Having the same shades consistently throughout the house will create an interior design flow-through. Avoid using multiple clashing colours; it won’t give off a modern finish. Get creative with your choices – incorporate different textures and see how adding subtle colour diversity can breathe life into your home! 

Outdoor area – Buyers are clamoring for indoor-outdoor living spaces, recognizing the immense potential for expanding their lifestyle options. Whether you’re talking about lounging with a good book or entertaining guests all year round, the right design can optimise any outdoor area to create a comfortable and attractive extension of your house. Don’t limit them to the imagination – show them what living in this great space can look like! Taking the initiative to craft something unique and inviting will give buyers an enduring impression of how they could be embracing their lifelong dream while living here.

Should you stage or style your house before the sale?

If you want to sell your house or apartment, professionally presenting it is paramount. You could lose out on potential buyers – and money by ignoring presentation without proper styling. Home staging is instrumental in ensuring your property looks attractive and welcoming, as well as ensuing photographs represent your home at its best– a key advantage in the competitive market. You can hire a professional home stager or take matters into your own hands by using your creative eye to curate a space that meets the modern, fresh, clean and bright aesthetic potential buyers will hope to see. Don’t let emotion get in the way when revamping – remember you’re creating something new to attract attention and appeal broadly. Invest in styling your home, as doing so could have fantastic returns. Don’t forget Premium Residential’s Marion Sheerman can help you here.

How to prepare for an open home inspection?
See our ten steps.

1. Tidy the exterior – Create a great first visual impression for potential buyers by ensuring the house and yard are clean and tidy.

2. Complete minor repairs – Chipped tiles, flaking paint, dripping taps, and carpet stains should all be fixed before an open home.

3. Clear the mess – Remove any indication of repair, construction work, or any sign of pets inside the house.

4. Clean and declutter – Wash the windows, tidy all cupboards, weed the gardens, mow the lawn and empty the bins. Remove clutter from all rooms, and arrange furniture to make rooms appear spacious.

5. Make it smell fresh – Light perfumed candles or use scented plug-ins to make your home smell pleasant.

6. Bring in light – Make sure there is lots of natural light throughout the house. Pull curtains, raise blinds, and let the sunshine in.

7. Get the temperature right – If it’s cold outside, create a welcoming ambience with indoor heating or open fires if it’s hot, open doors and windows to create airflow.

8. Add life – Show that your home is loved and cared for by adding vases of fresh flowers and bowls of fruit.

9. Secure your valuables – Remove valuable items or put them in a safe location out of prominent sight and keep cash, identification and credit cards on your person.

10. Allow full access – Ensure the agent has keys to all additional locked areas that may need to be inspected, such as garden sheds, garages, and granny flats.

When selling a home, you must treat it like a product you want potential buyers to appreciate and purchase. By putting in some extra effort in preparing for an inspection, you can dramatically improve the chances of making an impression on potential purchasers and having them return for a second visit. Before putting your house on the market, stage the property to showcase its best features. Ensure all common areas are tidy, reinforce any minor repairs if necessary, and add small touches like vases of fresh flowers or lightly fragranced candles. Taking these steps will go a long way in helping secure that contract of sale!

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